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Having trouble deciding on the ideal color palette for your home or business painting project? We’ve got your back, with plenty of recommendations to help you find the ideal color scheme to bring your space to life.

Get the Help of a Painting Expert

If you need a third-party opinion, look no further than your local Sherwin Williams store, where you can get the assistance of a knowledgeable salesperson in selecting the paint color for your project.

Explore Your Color Options

If you’re not even sure which basic color you want, click on the colors below. This takes you to a wealth of different color schemes, complementary colors, and even color psychology available under each one.

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Start With Your Space

When it comes to picking paint colors for your project, sometimes you need to begin with the type of space you are dealing with. From the options below, click the room image that best matches your project (Ex: a comfortable bedroom hideaway or a dynamic living area). Based on your choice, we will serve up a list of colors that would complement the particular features of your space.

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Make Sure You Capture the Color Accurately

Ordinary smartphone photos struggle to accurately convey your desired color to a paint supplier. Lighting, angles, and surfaces can change the color from what you saw with your naked eye into something else. That’s why Top Rated Painting, as an expert painting contractor, relies on the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Match Pro tool to accurately capture the true color of a surface and transmit that information to Sherwin Williams.